1. Ghetto Surgeon

  2. Relationships.Hate.Love

  3. My Tape on Drugs

  4. Money Malone ft Comet of Screwball

  5. Lemmy & Nemmy

  6. "This Way" ft. Tragedy Khadafi, Jukstapose & Access Immortal. REMIX SINGLE
    Tragedy Khadafi, Jukstapose & Access Immortal

  7. The Worst of Me; in any order

  8. Or Better, For Worse
    Wally Thrasher

  9. a Villain Tape

  10. "1985 / The Zone" Single

  11. Billy White & Jukstapose - "They Know" (VLS) Prod: Bronze Nazareth

  12. Aura Check (VLS) ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Godilla

  13. "Rap Like" (VLS) Tragedy Khadafi. Jukstapose. Blaq Poet (Prod: Tone Spliff)

  14. Live Scientists ft. B​.​Dvine ft. Tragedy Khadafi, GS Advance, MenaceOBEZ, Vital, Napoleon da Legend, Jukstapose, Sticky Bud, Comet, Blaq Poet

  15. Dream Team ft. Tragedy Khadafi,Timbo King, Jukstapose, Dro Pesci, B Divine & Tha Soloist (beat/cuts by DJ Absurd)

  16. The Way (VLS) ft. Tragedy Khadafi & Access Immortal
    Jukstapose tragedy Khadafi

  17. The Thump ft. Pacewon & Jukstapose
    Tone Liv & DJ Priority

  18. Craftwork
    Jukstapose & DJ Priority

  19. Laughin ft. Sha Stimuli & Jukstapose

  20. The Balancing Act ft. Wordworth (Prod: Luv Jonez)

  21. Come Close [Single] [Prod: The Audible Doctor]

  22. Love.Hate.Relationships

  23. Life Press (Finding Wally Thrasher)

  24. Last Year's Mess

  25. Check 1, Check 2

  26. Anthem Antics

  27. Catalog of Classics Volume 3

  28. Rules of the Game [Work Ethics LP]
    Tone Spliff ft. Agallah, Jo Jo Pellegrino & Jukstapose

  29. State of Mind ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Jukstapose & Chaundon
    Tone Spliff

  30. Last Summer in Brooklyn 2
    Access Immortal

  31. Longevity ft. Jukstapose
    Traum Diggs

  32. Destiny
    The White Shadow of Norway


Jukstapose Newark, New Jersey

juxtapose ( P ) Pronunciation Key (jkst-pz) tr.v. juxtaposed, juxtaposing, juxtaposes To place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.

Creatively different, Jukstapose is an artist, musician, MC, DJ, wordsmith, vocalist, singer, and songwriter from Newark NJ.
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